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30.3.2020 11:54 Uutiset / Diskos U13 (2008)


The current situation in Europe and all around the world has made us decide to postpone TRUE RIGA HOCKEY CUP 2020 to April 2021.

During the last days we have been in close contact with the Latvian Hockey Federation as well as various government departments. They have all advised us to postpone the tournament to 2021, since it is unclear if events can already start taking place in August. Major events, like the Olympics in Tokyo, Euro2020, Roland Garros and many others are postponed to next year or the end of the year.

In the face of Covid-19's challenges to the world and the decisions taken by public authorities to protect the public interest, the RIGA HOCKEY CUP organization is forced to make a very difficult and painful decision, but the best and safest solution in this force majeure situation – to postpone the Tournament to 2021.

There are financial problems everywhere around the world. We have long term contracts with arenas and hotels. Ordered and paid souvenirs, gifts, cups, paid deposits for arenas and hotels, salaries and taxes for our team members, VAT for the invoices. We are in intense communication with arenas and hotels to receive refunds, but it is hard to survive this crisis for them as well. Arenas are locked down, hotels are closed until further notice, staff is fired. Like everywhere else around the world.

Most of our partners have informed us that deposits will be safe and postponed to 2021. Of course, we would like to refund teams in full, but it is currently very hard for us to receive full refunds.

In the view of the above we are forced to make the following decision about payments made:

  1. All deposits paid will be forwarded to RIGA HOCKEY CUP 2021.
  1. For all teams who have paid the full invoice (accommodation, meals, transport): 50% will be refunded automatically from the total amount (excluding the deposit) as soon as possible but no later than April 2021.

We will refund amounts proportionally whenever refunds are received from arenas and hotels. Please notice we have no guarantee at the moment and all our partners insist on postponing the deposits to 2021. They are waiting for support from the government, which can take a few months and based on governments decisions they might be able to refund the deposit partly.

If you would like to transfer the entire amount paid (100%) to RIGA HOCKEY CUP 2021, please inform us by April 3rd.

  1. Tournament fees, player fees, local transportation fees will remain unchanged for RIGA HOCKEY CUP 2021 for the teams applied to RIGA HOCKEY CUP 2020.
  2. Deposits may be transferred to other teams within your club or country.

For instance, Kurra U13 applied to RIGA HOCKEY CUP 2020. They will not apply for RIGA HOCKEY CUP 2021. However, Kurra U11 will apply for RIGA HOCKEY CUP 2021 and they can use the outstanding deposit/payment from Kurra U13.

  1. Payments for a cancelled airBaltic flights booked through the RIGA HOCKEY CUP organization will be refunded as soon as refund has been received from airBaltic. The purchased tickets can also be used for other flights.

RIGA HOCKEY CUP 2021 will take place on the following dates :

  • U9 tournament: April 30 – May 2
  • U10 tournament: April 30 – May 2
  • U11 tournament: April 23 – 25
  • U12 tournament: April 9 – 11 (AAA / AA)
  • U-13 tournament: April 2 – 5
  • U14 tournament: April 16 – 18 (AAA / AA)
  • U15 tournament: April 2 – 5
  • U16 tournament: April 23 – 25
  • U18 tournament: April 30 – May 2

We sincerely hope for your understanding in this matter. We have a lot of frequent visitors playing in the tournament for many years already, so we request support and understanding from these teams especially.

Of course, you can call or email us in case of any questions!

We highly appreciate your loyalty, understanding and desire to participate in the tournament!

Looking forward to seeing you in April 2021!

Stay safe and thank you in advance for your understanding,

Janis Jansons &



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